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Gwiwer Avedisyan is classical pianist, tradition-fusion singer and multi-instrumentalist. She likes to perform in non-traditional spaces as houses for elderly people, schools, cafés, clubs, weddings, churches (Prague, CZ), places for people with special needs (Prague, Villa Vallilla – CZ, Arche Caillou Blanc – FR, Camphill Kyle – IRL), hotel Shirak (Yerevan, ARM). With traverse flute she played Czech folklore in group Mateník and participated in Tredagar house festival in Newport, Wales. Later, she was member of Celtic group Městská, where she played also flute and travelled around Czech Republic to play in different festivals and clubs.

Between 1999 and 2016 she travelled a lot around Europe. Her aim was helping and volunteering in Camphill (England – Sturts farm, Scotland – Corbenic, Ireland – Kyle) and Arche (Arche de la Valée, Moulin d´Auro, Caillou Blanc – France) organisations with people with special needs. There she played music for them. With Czech organisation Brontosaurus she did volunteering in Banat-Romania to help in agriculture domain. Her dream to visit Armenia happened in 2015, in 100 years birthday of Genocide, when she received a scholarship to Spjurkh Amadajin Dproc´ – Diaspora Summer School of Armenian language.

Gwiwer Avedisyan studied piano and musicology in Prague (Elementary Music School – A. Kukalová, K. Martínek, Prague Conservatory – prof. E. Boguniová, Academy of music – prof. F. Malý, Charles University-Musicology). She worked also with prof. P. Jasmin and A. Koujoumdjyan in Masterclasses in Týn n. Sázavou, CZ. Several times, she attended Crescendo Summer institut in Sárospatak, HU. In studies years, Gwiwer proceeded usual pianistic repertoire reaching from Bach to recent days. Her favourites are Bach, Brahms, Janáček and she specialized in Czech and Armenian music.

Flutes, singing and Celtic harp are additional musical materials to complete Gwiwer´s interest. Besides traverse flute, she plays soprano and alto recorder, Penny whistle and Armenian shvi. With these instruments she plays Celtic music, Armenian ashugner music, and Czech and Slovak folksongs.

She tried several singing classic method teachers, but most sufficient method she found in Werbeck singing method, which she studied with J. Šindelářová, M. Mikulic and Ch. Boele. She sings folklore songs (Armenian, Celtic, Gipsy, and Czechoslovak) and Gregorian chant in Roudnice Monastery.

In 2014 she started to compose her own musical compositions for piano and songs. The style of these compositions is a bit minimalistic and between classical music and song writing.

Currently, in 2017, she would like to settle down in Czech Republic, to concentrate on composing music and be part of amazing Creation…