News 2018-19

The Year 2018 was wonderful in musical way. I discovered a new ways of singing in being part of Choir Spektrum (Overtone singing) and the choir l´Asenzio. But I didn´t stay for long time (although it was marvelous experience), my way went to another direction. The first half year was also full of Bach´s Goldberg Variations playing on piano.

In Summer I went after long pause to Crescendo Summer Institut (CSI) in Tokaj (Hungary), where I studied the piano with Reto Reichenbach, Balázs Fülei and was part of CSI Choir. The same schedule I attended in summer 2019.

Since 2018 I play in musical group Poštáris Trio eastern european folk music – world music.(Gwiwer Avedisyan voice, flute, piano; Helen Cuhrová – voice, guitar; Jakub Hromádka – clarinet).

I collaborate in chamber music with different artists (Renata Zafková – voice; Melusine de Pas – voice, viola da gamba; Pavla Zapior – flute; Marie Šimková – violoncello).

In summer 2019 I also attended masterclass for flute in České Budějovice (CZ) Letní flétny, where I studied with Anežka Hessová-Vargová.

In current time (autumn 2019) I am working on composing „Book of trees for piano“ and preparing piano program with compositions of Urmas Sisask, Domenico Scarlatti and Antonio Soler.


Those two pictures above are from one Czech artist, whose name is in secret. I met her this year and I liked her work very much.

I play regurally on Taizé prayer meetings in Prague.

I am also interested in J. R. R. Tolkien´s music songs ( where I play the piano with Kateřina Schwarzerová.