Who is she ?




 Who is she?

Is she an animal or a girl? She is the girl Gwiwer, but in Welsh this means squirrel. This is because when she was a member of the scout group Protěž Praha, she was nicknamed squirrel…yes, and Welsh is a very old European language and sounds archaic, Gwiwer likes it very much.

Is she really Armenian? G. Avedisyan has no Armenian blood. She is Armenian spiritually: since her childhood she has been in love with Armenian music and the country. In fact, her grandmother was Russian and the other grandmother Czech from the village of Zbraslavice. Avedisyan is a real Armenian surname that means someone announcing good news….

So that is all about my artistic pseudonym 


Kukačka kuká

Myšlenku vnuká

Dnes je dnes

Srdce mi puká

Ale to ne

Dnes ani zítra

Minuta tiká

Tajemství ve mě

Navždy být zticha.